Shini Group

Shini Group has six major production bases worldwide and sales service outlets in more than 80 countries on all continents, so we can ensure that we can provide services to customers in a shorter time.

Our Tech Centers are proof of our customer commitment. They are well maintained and located in each of these sales service outlets. Our customers can find basic process applications in these sales service outlets.

Technologies and talents are the keys to advancement.

Lean production and integrated manufacturing are major features of Shini. We utilize well-known global CNC punching, shearing, hydraulic pressing, laser cutting, CNC turning, milling, and automated powder coating systems for precise machining. The lean production technologies and advanced equipment, we achieved over 70% self-produced rate.

Shini plastics material handling equipment is well-recognized and reliable in the local and global markets. And is practical in energy saving and enhancing production efficiency.

BYD and TOYOTA in car manufacturing, FOXCONN in electronics manufacturing, SANYO, SIEMENS, and HAIER in home appliances manufacturing, HSUFUCHI in food production, JIN-JIAN in Medical Industry, and several well-known companies all utilize Shini plastics material handling equipment. The recognition from these business organizations all reflects Shini ‘s values and quality.

Shini focuses on innovation integration, process optimization, modern management system, and global human resources to build up a team of elites with an international perspective. Moreover, Shini also focuses on strategic cooperation with colleges to educate potential future leaders.

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