SAP ERP/MES implementation consulting (process):

  • Consult and implement according to ASAP Roadmap method
  • Survey operational model, development orientation and detailed management requirements and senior management
  • Construction, process consulting
  • System building, construction and training to collect Master data
  • Perform KeyUser training and system testing (UAT – User Acceptant Test)
  • Implementing end user training (EndUsers)
  • Perform Master data conversion, opening balance and official operation
    Tư vấn triển khai SAP ERP | SAP ERP/MES
    SAP ERP/MES implementation consultancy

SAP specialized solutions sets for the following areas (solutions implemented by INFOASIA):

  • SAP manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceuticals: human medicine, veterinary medicine
  • SAP financial and retail industry
  • SAP food and beverage industry
  • SAP Fisheries with Fish and Shrimp
  • SAP Construction and construction equipment management
  • SAP real estate investment and exploitation industry
  • SAP Plastic and household packaging industry
  • SAP Telecommunication Cable, Electric Cable, Civil Cable
  • SAP building materials industry
  • SAP textile and garment industry
  • Consult to build IoT ERP solution to improve operation and management efficiency of the business
  • Consulting on building and developing solutions on Cloud platform
  • Consulting on building applications on Mobility platform and Big Data & Analytics big data analysis
  • Consulting to build management and planning solutions for leaders based on BOBJ (Business Objects) and BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation)

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Advantages of SAP ERP/MES:

  • SAP ERP/MES supports VAS report, in accordance with Vietnamese accounting standards and accounting laws.
  • SAP ERP/MES has fast processing speed in real time, friendly interface, suitable for everyone even if you are not specialized in information technology. Time to learn and use very fast.
  • SAP ERP/MES easily develops and changes the system as needed, facilitating the enhancement of business performance.
  • SAP ERP/MES helps users make quicker and more accurate decisions. Data synchronization for operation from end to end, so there are less errors and avoid having to enter data multiple times.
  • SAP ERP/MES is flexible. Connect branches, facilities of the business as well as its partners together into a system.

Subsystem and utilities in SAP ERP/MES

  • Production:  BOM | Costing | MRP Recommendations | Production Order.
  • Inventory: Item MD | Serial Number & Batches | Location MGT | Pick and Pack.
  • Sales: Quotation | Order | Gross Profit Calculation | Pricing Control | Analysis Report.
  • Procurement: Purchase Order | MRP Forecasting | Purchase Analysis Report | Landed Cost.
  • Finance: Cost Account | Budget | Cash Flow | General Ledger | Chart Of Accounts.
  • CRM: Analysis | Outlook Integration | Activities Management | Sales History | Sales Opportunities.
  • HR Payroll: Payroll (Throught Partner Add-on) | Employees Data.
  • Smart tool: Analysis Report | Generating Queries By User Demands | Drag & Relate.
  • Multi-support: Financial Reports | Multi-Currency | Multi-Language.
  • Localication: V.A.T Reports | Business Environment | V.A.S.
  • Configuration: Message Alerts | Processes | Integration | Utilities | DB Updating | Query Wizard.
  • Customization: User Defined Field | User Defined Table | SDK | Form Setting | Formatted Search | User Menu.
  • Database: MS SQL Server | SAP Hana.

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