SAP ERP/MES project management

Help businesses control ongoing projects, forecast demand, build schedules, deploy plans, and analyze data to best manage projects and increase profits.

Advantages: Effective management of corporate projects, helping business owners allocate resources appropriately for projects.

Value added: Helps effectively control projects and minimize the waste of resources

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Project Setup
Setup Project Template
Project Setup – Template
Setup Project Task Design
Project Setup – Task Design

1. Forecasting demand & resources

– Project performance and employee availability

– Plan your team through employee holiday projects into account.

– Plan ahead for upcoming projects with projections based on comparable projects and more accurate deadline forecasts.

– Compare forecasts with real-time tables to increase profits.

2. Harness the power of visual information

– Flexible project management is made easy.

– Simplify your process and enhance employee collaboration.

– Break down your project into small size tasks and assign to your team to improve collaboration.

– Create customized stages for each project to simplify an overview of your workflow and increase the overall efficiency of the project.