APS (Advanced Planning Schedule)

1. Product configurator

-> Allows the creation of structures with multilevel selection variables, formulas, rules, wildcards, graphics, etc.

-> Automatic generation of a user-friendly menu to configure the product.

-> For more complex products with variations, it is possible to modify certain values ​​in the fields of information items (eg items, BOMs, BOM / formula, work plans) through formulas and rules structure the articles.

2. Advanced planning and scheduling (APS)

-> Customizable graphics oriented work orders and resources.

-> Different ways of ordering and planning the sequence of operation and optimization with or without each resource capacity limits.

-> Consideration of dependencies orders collating deadlines.

-> Selecting or changing the simple, such as machine tools or resources.

-> Consideration of material resources (stocks, resources and availability).

3. Management and Warehouse Locations

Extended storage management:

-> Considered by the MRP.

-> Warehouses, areas and fully definable locations with up to 3 dimensions based on vector graphics.

-> Definable business rules be.as script.

Types of stored items:

-> Articles with lots, serial numbers and expiration dates consideration.

-> Performing Inventory with parameterized counting lists.

4. Mobile devices management

Main functions:

-> Information on stores.

-> Material transactions (inputs, outputs, transfers between warehouses and shopping facilities).

-> Making inventory and execution of quality control.

Ideal for:

-> Logistics companies requiring this add-on SAP ERP/MES, with or without manufacturing, with or without SCM.

-> Manufacturing companies that require further locations to manage wireless devices in its stores.

5. Financial Reporting

Key Features:

-> Cost accounting.

-> Cost elements and accounting costs by cost center.

-> The cost elements are divided into fixed and variable costs by cost center.

-> Budget and distribution of types of costs.

-> Reallocation of cost centers.

-> Short-term income.

-> Contribution margin.

-> Or related customer order.

-> Profit contribution by period, customer, order article.

-> Ratio calculating hours.

-> Total cost rates and marginal rates of machine costs.

-> Calculation of hourly rates for planned and actual time.

6. Presence Control and Data Capture Production

-> Advanced Master Data and models for time and presence.

-> Variety of support information, absences, information on the jobs that have been produced and statement of operations, availability of necessary equipment.

-> Collecting complete data on the operations, materials, performance, scrap, quality data, etc.

-> Usable in fixed or mobile terminals touch.

-> Pool work order can work on the ground without the need for paper.

-> Each operator can access the operations available in your area.

-> Display information about the status of the materials needed.

-> Ease of sharing images and documents.