Customer relationship management with sap business one

– Help customer care staff get more done in less time, and stay connected and interact with customers.

– Advantages: Easy to use, store details of customer information such as personality, age, date of birth. Send notices to employees for better customer care.

– Value brought: Helps increase customers, increase the rate of single closing, increase profits for businesses.

The CRM module in SAP Business One can connect to Outlook, facilitate customer care as well as create new orders from potential customers.

After sales – Meeting monthly
Business partner activities – View by Outlook Calendar
Service call after sales

– Get accurate forecasts.

– Get analytics on customer behavior.

– Use reliable data to make effective decisions.

– Easily set up custom control panels for better customer management.

– Automate activities based on sales scenarios: calls, meetings, mailing and quotes …

– Administrators will know exactly what needs to be done monthly compared to the business goals, and help employees better control the work to be done.