SAP Business One software, also known as SAP B1. SAP Business One is one of the products of SAP Joint Stock Company (SAP Company – German: SAP Aktiengesellschaft, commonly abbreviated as SAP AG) is the largest software company in Europe, headquartered in Walldorf, Germany.

Currently, businesses around the world are turning to ERP solutions. ERP is a set of solutions to integrate all management modules of the enterprise in just one system. ERP helps all information to be managed smoothly, transparently and accurately, managers also easily capture information to make timely business management decisions.

With the experience of successfully deploying ERP solutions for more than 200,000 customers around the world, SAP has a deep understanding of operating procedures as well as revenue of each type of business, thereby developing 3 packages. Specialized solutions geared to different types of businesses: SAP Business One, SAP Business All-in-one and SAP Business byDesign, in which SAP Business One is an outstanding product designed for regulated businesses. Small and medium tissue.

SAP Business One fully integrates management functions for a business. Simple but powerful, SAP Business One can flexibly respond to arising needs and resolve business requirements quickly and accurately.

SAP Business One is also one of the “rare” ERP solutions from abroad to support up to 40 languages ​​including Vietnamese.

SAP Business One is the best solution for your business!

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Advantages of SAP ERP/MES:

  • SAP ERP/MES supports VAS report, in accordance with Vietnamese accounting standards and accounting laws.
  • SAP ERP/MES has fast processing speed in real time, friendly interface, suitable for everyone even if you are not specialized in information technology. Time to learn and use very fast.
  • SAP ERP/MES easily develops and changes the system as needed, facilitating the enhancement of business performance.
  • SAP ERP/MES helps users make quicker and more accurate decisions. Data synchronization for operation from end to end, so there are less errors and avoid having to enter data multiple times.
  • SAP ERP/MES is flexible. Connect branches, facilities of the business as well as its partners together into a system.

Subsystem and utilities in SAP ERP/MES

  • Production:  BOM | Costing | MRP Recommendations | Production Order.
  • Inventory: Item MD | Serial Number & Batches | Location MGT | Pick and Pack.
  • Sales: Quotation | Order | Gross Profit Calculation | Pricing Control | Analysis Report.
  • Procurement: Purchase Order | MRP Forecasting | Purchase Analysis Report | Landed Cost.
  • Finance: Cost Account | Budget | Cash Flow | General Ledger | Chart Of Accounts.
  • CRM: Analysis | Outlook Integration | Activities Management | Sales History | Sales Opportunities.
  • HR Payroll: Payroll (Throught Partner Add-on) | Employees Data.
  • Smart tool: Analysis Report | Generating Queries By User Demands | Drag & Relate.
  • Multi-support: Financial Reports | Multi-Currency | Multi-Language.
  • Localication: V.A.T Reports | Business Environment | V.A.S.
  • Configuration: Message Alerts | Processes | Integration | Utilities | DB Updating | Query Wizard.
  • Customization: User Defined Field | User Defined Table | SDK | Form Setting | Formatted Search | User Menu.
  • Database: MS SQL Server | SAP Hana.