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SAP Business One Solution

The business resource management solution that infoasia implemented to provide the necessary tools to help businesses towards success. These solutions really provide a solid foundation for the development strategy of the business.

SAP Business One is a completely integrated business management solution built from the ground up to meet the practical and long-term needs of small and medium enterprises. The solution provides an accurate and comprehensive view of operations as well as customer relationship management, production and finance.

SAP Business One solution includes modules such as:

  • Financial management: Automate, integrate, and manage all business accounting and financial processes.
  • Warehouse and production management: Manage inventory in multiple warehouses, track inventory movement, and manage production orders based on material requirements planning.
  • Customer relationship management: Develop customers towards profitability and improve customer satisfaction by effectively managing opportunities and sales with after-sales support.
  • Purchase: Automate the entire purchase process from ordering to paying suppliers’ invoices.
  • Reports: Works based on complete instant information with comprehensive instant reports.

Outstanding functions in SAP Business One solution include:

  • The management of the business becomes more convenient thanks to Electronic Signature: the strength of SAP Business One is the form of approval tool. The process that allows any type of transaction to be included in the approval process that requires an electronic signature.
  • Integrating Microsoft Word: Merge data from SAP Business One in Mircisoft Word easily.
  • Microsoft Excel integration: Perform dashboard reports and basic business reports in Microsoft Excel. The XL Reporter tool is an outstanding feature.
  • Integrating Microsoft Outlook: Store email activities directly on SAP Business One. Save attachments directly on SAP Business One. Synchronize activities, contact information, contact history, tasks, and work schedules with SAP Business One
  • Pre-made drag-and-drop reports: SAP has an outstanding Drag and Drop function, quickly setting up reports. Simply pull the fields out of the data on the screen and start connecting to the reports.

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Advantages of SAP Business One:

  • SAP Business One supports VAS report, in accordance with Vietnamese accounting standards and accounting laws.
  • SAP Business One has fast processing speed in real time, friendly interface, suitable for everyone even if you are not specialized in information technology. Time to learn and use very fast.
  • SAP Business One easily develops and changes the system as needed, facilitating the enhancement of business performance.
  • SAP Business One helps users make quicker and more accurate decisions. Data synchronization for operation from end to end, so there are less errors and avoid having to enter data multiple times.
  • SAP Business One is flexible. Connect branches, facilities of the business as well as its partners together into a system.

Subsystem and utilities in SAP Business One

  • Production:  BOM | Costing | MRP Recommendations | Production Order.
  • Inventory: Item MD | Serial Number & Batches | Location MGT | Pick and Pack.
  • Sales: Quotation | Order | Gross Profit Calculation | Pricing Control | Analysis Report.
  • Procurement: Purchase Order | MRP Forecasting | Purchase Analysis Report | Landed Cost.
  • Finance: Cost Account | Budget | Cash Flow | General Ledger | Chart Of Accounts.
  • CRM: Analysis | Outlook Integration | Activities Management | Sales History | Sales Opportunities.
  • HR Payroll: Payroll (Throught Partner Add-on) | Employees Data.
  • Smart tool: Analysis Report | Generating Queries By User Demands | Drag & Relate.
  • Multi-support: Financial Reports | Multi-Currency | Multi-Language.
  • Localication: V.A.T Reports | Business Environment | V.A.S.
  • Configuration: Message Alerts | Processes | Integration | Utilities | DB Updating | Query Wizard.
  • Customization: User Defined Field | User Defined Table | SDK | Form Setting | Formatted Search | User Menu.
  • Database: MS SQL Server | SAP Hana.