Tai San Co Dinh

Process of managing fixed assets in enterprises

Fixed asset management module for quantitative control, keeping information about fixed assets (tangible and intangible), inventorying assets, including assets in the form of depreciation and bookkeeping tools accountant.

All assets are updated regularly throughout their life cycle from the date of purchase, commissioning and disposal until the organization can manage the status, use and maintenance of the assets. at any given time. The process of calculating depreciation, automatically updating the depreciation rate is applied right from the input of the asset code.

The exploitation and management of tangible and intangible assets plays a vital role in the development of the enterprise. Another important aspect to mention is that the asset management module and asset inventory help increase the transparency of the data at all times.

The system automatically updates and enters the accounting book into the accounting-finance module, providing the enterprise with the exact status of all fixed assets in the company: from the current inventory value to the accumulated depreciation. for that asset.

The part of managing and maintaining the warranty of fixed assets is a big module, how to manage costs, manage the maintenance plan.

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