ERP system for small and medium businesses

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, ERP systems or ERP solutions are commonly understood as business management software, which is like the backbone of enterprise management and operation activities of all sizes and in all all industries.

SAP ERP/MES is a product of SAP (Walldorf, Germany). SAP ERP/MES (SAP B1) is known as an overall management system for businesses. SAP B1 integrates a complete business accounting system (finance, tax, currency, purchases, sales, warehousing …) and the entire business management module such as production, purchase, sales. , customer relations, warehouses, human resources, …

SAP B1 is always trusted by businesses around the world because of its stability, fast data processing speed, regular updates, and high security.

SAP B1 is also one of the “rare” ERP solutions from abroad to support up to 40 languages ​​including Vietnamese.

SAP B1 is the best solution for your business!

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